Using Video to Effectively Get Your Message Across

Rick Phillips in Delray Beach Offers Video Services for
Retirement Communities at a Affordable Price
For about the price of one small print ad per month, Phillips Video can provide superb video exposure throughout the Internet and via other mediums to maximize effective marketing techniques. There is no better way to showcase a retirement or country club community than through video.

There are so many ways to highlight a senior living community with video: lifestyle, promotions, parties, services and amenities, facilities, testimonials, staff interviews, etc. Country clubs offer a plethora of activities to video.
By utilizing all the exposure available through the Internet, including YouTube, Viddler, Google Videos, free-standing videos, website videos, and social media including Facebook, Phillips Video can make a huge impact on the visibility, awareness and understanding of a retirement community.
For the past 28 years, Rick Phillips of Phillips and Associates in Delray Beach, Florida has specialized in marketing / census building for retirement communities across the country. With its proprietary video services, the Company can make a substantial contribution to the unique marketing of a corporation’s many communities.